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Help for Hysterical Humans
Who Hope to Be Happy in Heaven or Here

“Sometimes you just want to read something that makes you laugh out loud. Other times, you long for something that articulates just so what the experience of life means. This book of verses is a gift for those who would love to not have to choose.”
   -Amazon Review

“…overflows with a novel kind of witticism and drunkenness that lovers of poetry, as well as those looking for words that inspire, will find interesting. [James] writes about common realities in a style that sings to the soul, and that will, most definitely, help readers find meaning and alter the way they look at life. It is riveting, enlightening, and, above all, highly entertaining.”
   -Romuald Dzemo for readersfavorite.com

“Sterngram delivers a whimsical but deep array of poems appealing to neophytes and the most seasoned of poetry aficionados. An all-around patchwork of well-written, provoking poems that all will enjoy. Keep it close by as a sure-fire cure for what ails you, friend, or family. Highly recommended.”
   -Goodreads Review

“The peace [James] offers derives from his twists of viewpoint, which elicit that smile we so often fail to evoke on our own, to go hand in hand with our self-made hysteria.”
   -Amazon Review

“Well done James! The mind that thought these up is very singular indeed. A wonderful gift.”
   -iTunes (Australia) Review

“This is a very good collection, deeply enjoyable and thought provoking.”
   -Roy T. James, roytjames.blogspot.com

“Thank you for writing this. It’s by my bedside.”
   -Amazon Review