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Hello, fellow human! Welcome to my bookcase, built to show and share...


for Hysterical Humans
Who Hope to Be Happy
in Heaven or Here

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Savor a calorie-free, nutrient-rich, delectable collection of recipes for making merry in one minute or many. These vivacious verses are served in dozens of dense portions piled high to satisfy the appetite of spirit-hungry humans. Ingredients include music, magic, meditation, and humor. Results include laughter, sighs, surprise, and bright eyes. Buy it for just 99 cents for a limited time (regularly $4.99). Sample it for free.

My book comes in your choice(s) of Kindle, ePub, or print-friendly PDF formats. The PDFs come in normal and large type. The other two formats are adjustable in type size. Choose one or any combination of these formats for the same low price (details on my Buy page).

From anywhere on this site, select Sample from the menus to explore the book, and Buy to satisfy the appetite.

Here’s hoping you’ll join me for happy hours!

Yours sincerely,

James Sterngram

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