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Hello, fellow human!
Welcome to my bookcase, built to show and share...

Help for Hysterical Humans Who Hope to Be Happy in Heaven or Here

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If you liked reading my best book description (the cover), your next step is simple. Sample. Or you might just be ready to buy it already. Or you may have decided to be indecisive. Whatever your current mental state, HELP is here to help.

For a limited time, buy your copy for just $2.99 (regularly $4.99). That’s affordable HELPcare without the waiting room!

My book comes in your choice(s) of Kindle, ePub, or print-friendly PDF formats. The PDFs come in normal and large type. The other two formats are adjustable in type size. Choose any or all of these formats for the same one-format price (details on my Buy page). And with a sample so ample, who needs Reviews? It’s okay if you do. I’ve assembled a few.

I look forward to joining you for Happy Hours—here, in heaven, or in both places at once.

Yours sincerely,
James Sterngram

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